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Sturgeons arrive from the hatchery with a weight of 100 gr (8 months) they are bred during two years to reach a weight of circa 2,5 kg. During this period, our staff accomplish regular operations of selection to maintain fishes of identical performances in the same lot. From the third year, our 20.000 fishes born here are

given an ultrasound to know their sex in absence of outward sign (sex ratio is 50%).


Males are sent toward a valorisations path of flesh (cut in fillets, catering, wholesaler, ready-made meal). Females started their isolated life.From the third to the sixth year, we regularly organize sortings to group together identical sizes. 


From the seventh year, all females are again given an ultrasound to do a diagnostic on the gonads maturity. These ones recognized interesting are chosen to be biopsied. By this operation, we physically try to find some eggs in the fish, we measure the size and we assess the texture.


It is only when the biopsy makes known a female in perfect appropriations with our specifications (size more than or equal to 2,7 mm, crunching texture, homogeneous colour) that we decide to send it in production in the three following days. 


Only once  between 7th and 11th year, would fishes from a given generation produce caviar, therefore its upmost scarcity.


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