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From the third year, we give an ultrasound to all fishes from a same generation to isolate the females. The males are kept to be transformed, they offer a very tasty flesh marketing in fillets. It is with the development of the ovarian poach that we recognize the future producer. Females are bred during 5 to 7 years and regularly followed regarding the size of eggs again by an ultrasound control and by a biopsy.


These modern technologies very perfected allow to produce only a top quality caviar regarding the size and texture of grains.


The Aquitaine caviar is born of acipenser Baeri (Siberian sturgeon), the only one authorized in farming in France. The  reference is the size of grains which places our product above a Sevroga and in the same category above a great Oscietre (2,7 mm diameter).


All sturgeons went into the laboratory where before they are biopsied and we know in advance the size, the colour and the firmness of grains.


That makes easier constitution of lots and explains why we do make such an upmarket product. Females go into the laboratory, they are presented by the ventral side for the constitution of lots. This operation is very precise and determining regarding the visual aspect of product. Eggs are sifted, rinsed, strained and salt.


After a rinsing and a control, the caviar is canned. L'Esturgeonnière attend to all cans sold by the farm are after a first poting and without reconditioning, this confers the top quality to the product and an unbeaten lifetime. Our laboratory, agreed by HACCP, is a standards model in Europe. The cans' use by date are comprised between 8 and 10 months after the production.



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