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Particular attention is reserved for canning. The caviar is a very fragile product and we choose to avoid the manipulations. We package from the production in the sale packaging. So, each can with the Perlitas label is a mother box and give you the most beautiful eggs guarantee.












The caviar is put in metal can under vacuum and we offer a packaging  of 20gr, 30gr, 50 gr, 100 gr, 200 gr, 500 gr.


Just like wine, the maturation is all the more flattering as the packaging is big, we shall always favour the biggest box adapted to the occasion.


L'Esturgeonnière is a unique farm in its category because of its characteristics and technical choices to guarantee the best caviar.


Our breeding is out of ground and fishes evolve in concrete ponds of race way type especially conceived for this use. By this control and with ecologic filtration we eliminate the parasite tasteful risk.


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