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Perfectly rounded and shiny grains, (approximately 2.7 millimeters), color ranging from light grey to anthracite  amongst gold and light brown. 



Thanks to its delicate texture,  grains will roll in your mouth before exploding and liberating all of their flavors:...the guarantee of a trully outstanding moment!



Perlita caviar’s fame comes from the subtlety of its taste. With a wide range of flavors, (butter, hazelnut, underbrush…) delicately associated with a great length on the palate, the Perlita caviar will undoubtedly engrave in your memory this unforgettable moment that will make you want more! 


Perlita, naturally chosen by Michelin stars' Chefs, Nikki Beach...

caviar perlita.png

Directly from the farm <

French quality - Russian taste <

Available in 20g/30g/50g/100g/200g/500g <

 Next day delivery <

 Delivery to hotels, restaurants & yachts <

 Eco friendly production <

Custom labels on large orders available <

 Worldwide shipping <

Wake up your senses...

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